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ITRI and VADI Medical Technology jointly manufacture purely MIT respirators


ITRI and VADI signed a "Respiratory Product R&D Cooperation Contract" today (18) to jointly conduct the development for non-invasive respiratory care medical products in software and hardware design, system integration, trial and massive production, validation for international certification and others. On the Left is Mr. Chao-Chih Huang, President of VADI Medical Technology Co., LTD and on the right is Mr. Chii-Wann Lin, General Director of Biomedical Technology and Device Research Laboratories of ITRI. (Provided by ITRI)


ITRI and VADI signed a "Respiratory Product R&D Cooperation Contract" today (18), planning to develop "non-invasive respiratory care medical products" suitable for homecare and hospitals. This starts from prototype design, trial and massive production, to obtaining medical device licenses, etc., They target to manufacture a completely MIT respiratory product, increase the medical industrial capacity and optimize the supply chain. Ultimately, hope this cooperation will trigger and drive the medical device industrial chain to seize new business opportunities after the epidemic.


When the epidemic hit, the Technical Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs quickly urged the ITRI to develop high-end respirators suitable for "critical patients" through technology projects. As entering the new stage in epidemic prevention, the public's demand for respirators increased from critical cases to mild ones in the hospitals, now even in the homecare fields. Following this new market trend, the Technology Department urged ITRI to aim at advancing respirators by multi-capabilities in manufacturing, testing, and verification. Furthermore, the ITRI is requested to integrate the manufacturers in Taiwan's respirator supply chain, this will lead not only to a more functional product layout in respiratory care medical field, but also to enhance Taiwan's opportunities for developing high-end medical devices and striving for the international market.


Mr. Chii-Wann Lin, General Director of Biomedical Technology and Device Research Laboratories of ITRI. said that VADI Medical Technology has been deploying consumables and accessories around respirators for decades. It is the world's second largest manufacturer of respiratory consumables and an important business partner to the international brands in the field. VADI contemplates the skilled experience and capability ITRI has in the design, manufacture and validation for a full set of respirators, and furthermore, with the growing demand for continuous positive airway pressure coming with the development of telemedicine driven by the epidemic, so jointly cooperates with ITRI to develop respirators. With this cooperation and effort in respiratory medical care, both parties hope to reduce the rate of severe intubation, save the medical burden of the public, reduce infection caused by intubation, and related complications, and then jointly protect the health of the people in the post-epidemic era.


Mr. Chao-Chih Huang, President of VADI Medical Technology pointed out that VADI has been dedicated in self-own brands, professional distributing channels, extending and expanding product lines for decades. Starting from high-replaceable consumables to gradually accumulating professional medical reputation, brand awareness and market share, then the key product in respiratory therapy, the humidifier, VADI now is aiming at various kinds of respirators. ITRI has built Taiwan first prototype of respirator for acute and severe, and has valuable experience in research, design, integration of software and hardware, and application for medical device licenses; VADI has skillful manufacturing capability in respiratory consumables, and together the two parties make the best and strongest team. This team will focus on the series medical product, from non-invasive positive pressure BiPAP (Biphasic Airway Positive Pressure Ventilation Assist), HFNC (High Flow Humidified Oxygen Nasal Cannula System) to CPAP (Continuous Positive Pressure Respirator) series of products. The whole series would be purely MIT.