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VADI Medical Technology and GENEX New Energy Signed a Contract to Deploy Low-carbon Economy and Implement ESG


As the global awareness of carbon reduction increases, companies are increasingly deploying clean energy policies ahead of schedule. VADI Medical Technology, the world's second largest manufacturer for respiratory equipment peripheral consumables, took the lead in introducing the clean energy generation and data simulation process of low-carbon of GENEX New Energy and this introduction is expected to be completed at the end of this year. In the initial stage, it will supply power independently through stable electric power, and the goal is to take the lead to complete low-carbon economy before 2026.

In 2021, the European Parliament passed a resolution on the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism compatible with the WTO, which is expected to be implemented in 2026. Countries trade with EU that cannot comply with carbon emission regulations will be imposed Carbon Tariffs on imported goods; this has a huge impact on more than 70% of export enterprises in Taiwan. VADI Medical Technology imports clean energy generation and data simulation process of low-carbon, they calculate the carbon footprint in manufacturing process, and solve the problem of carbon rights through clean energy generation.

Mr. Yi-jun Chen, GM of GENEX New Energy, said that after the Renewable Energy Law was passed in 2011, the renewable energy industry has flourished. There have been million rooftop Photovoltaic Modules set and solar energy companies sold 100% of the electricity to Taipower. However, changing with the trend, the business model has changed from wholesales to reserve and use the self-generated clean energy.

GENEX New Energy is authorized distributor by SIEMENS of Germany for M2G and SI in Taiwan, so it has the advantages with hardware. This helps a lot in carrying out the construction and maintenance of large-scale solar farms, assisting the customers to obtain the international certifications such as clean energy transactions, low-carbon footprints, and non-toxic processes. Furthermore, this can store energy during off-peak hour and discharge during peak hour by the function of predicting power consumption through AI and adjusting energy condition.

VADI Medical Technology, as the world's second largest manufacturer for respiratory equipment peripheral consumables, cooperates with the urgent requests for respiratory device from the worldwide during the pandemic last two years. Mr. Chao-chih Huang, the President of VADI Medical Technology, emphasized the philosophy and obligation he runs VADI as it’s a life-saving company. To cater to the international trend, VADI would deploy ahead by taking the lead in introducing and developing clean energy power generation, this will help its international image.

Mr. Yan-jun Guan from Sunmoney Technology said, the condition of green energy in Taiwan is not stable, and it needs to be strengthened by digital tools and developed into new business models. Therefore, in this project, GENEX cooperates with Sunmoney and Wormhole Technology, starting from clean energy generation, energy storage system, management system, computing platform for data simulation process to overall solutions, to have a better solution for the transformation and application of renewable energy and explore new business opportunities other than FIT wholesale electricity sales.

Mr. Ming-xun Lin, Vice President of Ritek Solar, said that the issue of global carbon rights taxation has impacted the worldwide industry. In the future, there will be no chance to receive orders if there is no clean energy. In recent years, Ritek has begun to invest in the renewable energy industry. In the energy storage battery, it mainly invest in the UPS uninterruptible power system. Ritek also expects to develop an application model that combines its current business target with the renewable energy. Ritek Salor is optimistic with the power control PCS from GENEX, which adopts SIEMENS' industrial application modules and will be assembled in Taiwan, free from the doubts of MIC products. Moreover, EMS is a human-machine interface developed by GENEX with patent. Therefore, the MOU was officially signed last year, and the two parties cooperated to develop the application of industrial energy storage.