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VH-3000 Respiratory Humidifer

Part Number
  • 800-VH3000-110

The product is able to control the temperatures of humidification chamber outlet and inhalation other than humidifying respiratory gas. That is not only reducing the humidity loss in breathing circuit during ventilation but also prevent clog because of excessive water condensation. Therefore, this improves the humidification therapy and comfort of patients.


Basic Specification

Dimension: 17.4 cm X 13.5 cm X 14.0 cm

Weight: 1.45 kg


Performance Specification

Mode: Standby Mode/Heated Wire Mode/Non-heated Wire Mode

Flow: 2~60 LPM

Humidity Output: ≧33 mg/L

Warm-up Time: ≦30 min


Electrical Specificaiton

Input Voltage: 100~120 Vac

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Max. Power: 350 VA

Power Supply: 150 W

Heated Wire Max. Power: 120 W

Fuse: T4AL/250Vac


Operation Environment

Temperature: 18~26

Pressure: 700~1060 hpa


Package: 6 PCS/ BOX

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